May 3, 2016

Featured Medical Billing Business Success Story

Luerma Lawrence
Physician’s Billing Professionals

ms_louI have always been destined for entrepreneurship. I have worked in several different professions. I have worked in the mortgage industry, I have worked in the healthcare industry, I have worked in the financial industry. I have worked for many fortune 500 companies, but no matter what opportunities a particular company offered, I have always felt out of place.

I attended school for Massage Therapy and that didn’t do anything for me at all. I am a single mother raising a 10 year old son. I feel very strong about being involved in his education and his upbringing, so I’ve always known it was important for me to do something where I pretty much had flexibility. Another thing that has driven me to success is losing so many people in my life. I lost my mother and my sister and I had to raise our younger siblings and I felt that I needed to show them a better way of life. I just feel like owning your own business not only provides a great income it also allows a person to extend themselves when it comes to family. This has always been important to me. We lost our oldest brother at the age of 30 to a car accident. My son’s father passed when my son was just seven months old and I have always sacrificed in order to provide him with a good life. However, as he gets older, I feel he requires more of my time. I want to be there for him when he needs me, and I want to continue to provide him with a stable upbringing. I feel like I am just destined for success because with everything I’ve lived through, this has to be the doors opening for my family and I.

Beginning My Medical Billing Business

Where do I begin? I don’t know where to start because there is so much praise to offer. I’d like to thank Medical Billing, not only for creating a course that is understandable and straight to the point, I’d also like to thank Tammy Harlan for being who she is. The Support System at Medical Billing is awesome!

I will admit that when I started the Medical Billing Course, I questioned my ability to be successful in this field. As time went on and as I got to work with Tammy and the staff at Medical Billing, I realized this could really happen for me. I became very confident that I was on my way to a very successful career and business for myself. I completed the course with honors, and I was well on my way to marketing my business utilizing the marketing support and resources through the Medical Billing Business Success Package. Tammy and her staff were there to walk me through the entire process. I put my plan in motion and things started to happen from the get-go. I got a call from a Chiropractor within 2 weeks of sending out my first marketing materials. I set up the appointment and within a week, I got a call from a physician who was interested in my services. Two weeks had passed and yesterday I got a call and I will be signing my first client this Friday!

I will be honest, without Medical Billing, Tammy Harlan, her staff and the DAQbilling staff, I don’t know if this would have been possible! I tell Tammy all the time that she is a lifesaver. Medical Billing, Tammy and her staff gave me the confidence I need to be the very best in this chosen career. The support system is the best and I will tell anyone that asks and even those that don’t ask, that they are the very best! You just cannot go wrong with them in your corner!

I personally believe that choosing the Medical Billing Business Success package plan, which includes the Medical Billing Business Marketing Support and the DAQbilling Software was the best career move I could have made and if I could go back, the only thing I would change is not making the call sooner!

Luerma Lawrence
Physician’s Billing Professionals

Dawn Lawler
Advanced Business Solutions

dawn_lawlerI was faced with a challenge nine months ago when the Fitness Business I had been managing was sold. New owners, new rules, resulted in major cuts. I had some knowledge of Medical Billing because I had worked for a clinic locally in the past. I had no billing experience, I taught myself the system they were using, which was extremely intense as everyone was always too busy to offer any assistance in the learning process. My one attribute with regard to succeeding is that I have a burning desire to do my best at anything I take on.

Within weeks of my billing experience at the clinic the checks started to roll in to my amazement and everything was on target. When I was faced with the challenge of looking for a job or starting my own business I remembered through my experience at the clinic listening to the volunteer doctors who would come in regularly with the same complaint, “My biller just quit again!” All the physician’s seemed to be going in the direction of outsourcing their billing for many good reasons. That reflection helped me to discover that this would be the direction I would go in. I had a longing to be my own boss and create my own destiny. I then shared the idea with my husband who, to my amazement, jumped on board.

I found and signed up. I knew it was extremely important to have a certification within the industry. The course was extremely comprehensive. The knowledge and understanding it gave allowed me to have the confidence I needed to pursue doctors. I began to call on doctors and signed my first account within 6 weeks of leaving my full-time job.

I also had another major decision to make now that I had a client, which was which software I would use in my business? I made the decision to use DAQbilling and I have been supported throughout the way with great customer service with any issue that may come about. I have been able to service my accounts with great ease and confidence due to the partnership of and DAQbilling.

With the support of DAQbilling and the knowledge I attained from, I recently secured my fourth account. A great feature is I can service just about any specialty of medicine because the software can accommodate this. I have been able to get my doctors paid promptly and with ease and confidence.

I personally recommend and DAQbilling for those wishing to own/operate a successful medical billing business.

Dawn Lawler
Advanced Business Solutions

Lisa Shestack & Sharon Galvin
Accurate Cash Flow Solutions, Inc.

L_and_S_ACFSWhen we began looking into the Medical Billing business, we did a massive search for education. We quickly found that everything referred to “Medical Coding” or “Get your degree in Coding” with a price tag of $10,000 to $15,000. And this was only for a Coding license or certificate.

Plus, for that price we would only get our certification in Coding, be “ready” for the workplace, and get “help” with job placement following the receipt of the Coding Degree. But this simply wasn’t what we were looking for.

When we considered Medical Billing, we wanted to achieve our own entrepreneurial dream, mostly due to conversations with friends and family members that had personal experience with Medical Billing. It was the opportunity to work really hard, with an income based solely on our diligent efforts.

Finally, we stumbled on, “a Unique Business Opportunity to work in Medical Billing” on line. It was a group out of the Midwest, and they promised us everything, i.e. video based training, marketing materials galore, even a 3-day, “live workshop” to go over the materials to operate our own medical billing firm. They even taught where to advertise, and how to network within the Chamber of Commerce, BNI, etc. We thought we were all set!

So we paid the fee – which was a great deal less than the franchise-style opportunities we had seen – took the course and learned a ton. We were pumped up when we finished the 3-day training, and proceeded to marketing our business full time.

Then, we got out and tried to speak with the medical practices, and realized what we were in for.

Getting to the decision makers in these practices can be really tough, and if you finally speak to an Office Manager or even better the Doctor, you really have to know the business to earn their confidence. We lost some very good opportunities early on because we couldn’t describe why we were better at billing than someone they might hire to run the office.

And at almost every appointment, we were asked to demo the software platform we’d use to communicate with the insurance carriers. This is where this initial “Unique Business Opportunity” fell short.

So, we started our search again, and found Antek HealthWare. Along with the credibility of being in business for over 20 years, they also offered a Practice Management Billing package called “DAQbilling”. Their web site was very detailed and, much to our delight, finally seemed to answer the questions we had about the original software we’d invested in.

The difference this time was the incredible “live” technical support available for every step of the process.

This is exactly the kind of support we needed, so we could earn confidence and trust, while proposing to prospects the idea that we were a better option than an in-house billing person. DAQbilling would even do live demos via the internet at our appointments, further showing the excellent support we could give to a client.

We were thrilled.

There was one more issue, however, because we were still hazy on the process as a whole. So we went back to our search, and we were lucky enough to find

Their course was easy to access and take, and could be done at our own pace, with everything we needed to start our business but didn’t get in our first go around.

Now, when we have a new client, it feels like we’ve done everything before, because we have, through the course materials. With the support from Tammy Harlan and the staff, we were able to really learn the true details on how to be successful in this business.

Our business is still relatively young, which is why having access to the incredible resources of is so important. We have spoken to the writers of other Success Stories published on the website, and they all attribute much of their success and satisfaction to what they have learned from

In our opinion, people want to do business with people they trust. That’s why is so successful. Yes it is an online course, but it’s so much more. There are live conversations that occur at any time and support from both Tammy’s group as well as from Antek’s DAQbilling team. They really do answer the phone when you call, and in the worst case scenario, you leave a message and they call you back within five minutes.

Now that’s support! Yet, it’s still only one of the reasons and DAQbilling are the best option to get doctors paid faster and more reliably than even their own in house staff possibly could!

My partner, Sharon Galvin and I – Lisa Shestack – are principals of Accurate Cash Flow Solutions, Inc., which is located in Franklin, MA. Without the powerful relationship between and DAQ Billing, we would not be as successful as we are today.

Due to personal referrals from our first few accounts, we have even developed expertise in a few specialty fields of medicine. What is really important is to follow up with all opportunities without getting discouraged with the practices that tell you that they will only use an in-house full-time biller.

By finishing the course to gain the knowledge, lingo and processes coupled with the best software platform and technical support available, those very Doctors will begin to see you as their “virtual” in-house electronic medical claims processor. You will gain their confidence, as we have time and time again!

Lisa Shestack
Sharon Galvin