May 3, 2016

Who Are We And Why Are We Trusted?

MBBR has been providing the perfect mix of items in our Medical Billing Business Success Package to those interested in beginning a Medical Billing Business since 1999. Our Medical Billing Business Success Package includes everything you need to get your business up and running successfully, without the $20,000 – $40,000 price tag that 2 other companies are charging.

With our package, you do not become a “Licensee or a Franchisee” because this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.  And when you are paying $20 – $40K for a medical billing business, the majority of the money goes towards the license or the franchise.  Consider these:

  • Someone selling a medical billing business franchise can only guarantee that their other franchise purchasers won’t overlap “your territory”.
  • Why would you want to limit yourself to a “territory?”  You wouldn’t.
  • Many medical billing business owners choose a specialty practice and provide their services to these specialties nationwide.
  • At the height of my business, I had 48 clients in 7 different states.
  • Spending money on a license or franchise is a total waste of capital when beginning a Medical Billing Business.

So why would someone pay $20 – $40K for a license or franchise?

Our Medical Billing Business Success Package requires an investment of less than $6000 and we have hundreds of success stories under our belt.